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Whether you are a singer, a speaker, an actor, or you just want a stronger, healthier voice, Total Vocal Experience can help you reach your goals!  We provide personalized vocal solutions to help you: reduce tension and vocal fatigue, improve breathing and projection, boost confidence, increase range, eliminate cracking, keep your audience engaged, and more!  

We teach only the very best, no-nonsense techniques used by A-List celebrities to help you hear results fast, and our convenient Skype and In-Home lessons (ATL area) eliminate the hassle of traveling across town which saves you valuable time! 



We Can Help You...

• Eliminate Tension
• Increase Range
• Breathe Correctly
• Project Comfortably
• Boost Confidence
• Correct Cracking
• Enhance Tone
• Improve Diction
• Protect Vocal Health
• Engage the Audience
                 ...and MORE!

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Hi! I'm Norwood. I'm a professional singer and performer with nearly a decade of experience. I've had the amazing opportunity to perform some incredible shows - I was the opening act for B.B. King, I performed at Macy's Tree Lighting, The Peach Drop in Atlanta, Atlanta Braves game, and the Pre-Emmy Party in Los Angeles, just to name a few highlights. I've also performed at hundreds of shows, many festivals and parades, and had dozens of TV and radio appearances. And, I've recorded with some of the best producers in the country.

I've also been honored to receive several titles: I was named Macy's Rising Star in 2009, and Atlanta's Next Legend in 2014.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of training under some of the best vocal coaches in the nation. These incredible teachers have helped shape my voice and make me the singer I am today. Their range of teaching styles and techniques (including SLS Singing, and classical vocal training) have given me a vast vocal vocabulary to help teach others the "secret sauce" of singing.

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